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junk Car Removal Delta

(junk-car-removal.ca) is a subsidiary of our other service company
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junk Car Removal is a junk car-towing service serving Delta and outlying areas.  Get cash for your junk car

Yard Junk can help you with the ticket you received from the city of Delta for having a junk car in your yard.  junk car removal Delta is our specialty!

We service Delta and all surrounding areas in the Lower Mainland area of BC.

 junk Car removal Delta service is offered by Yard Junk.  Keep your delta yard clear of junk junk cars.  We will haul away your junk cars, trucks, vans, motor homes and most other vehicles free of charge. 

All you have to do is to call us and arrange a meeting time.  We will offer you cash on the spot and then tow away your junk cars for recycling and junk free of charge.

Show your care of the environment and let us remove junk cars from your delta yard today.

Help keep delta clean and clear of junk junk cars. Recycling your junk car is the best way to help the environment, help your wallet and keep junk cars from piling up in the corners of your yard. 

Simply call us at junk Car Removal - Yard Junk and we will come and offer you cash on the spot and tow your junk junk car away free of charge.

junk Car removal delta service is offered by Yard Junk.  We will come to your delta address and tow away your old junk junk cars, trucks, motor homes, vans and other vehicles.  Not only is towing free, but we will offer you cash on the spot for your vehicle. 

Not only will you receive cash but you will also have the satisfaction that your vehicle is being responsibly recycled for useable parts, metals and plastics.  We don't just dispose of your car, we Recycle.  junk Car Removal delta is fast, friendly and FREE!  We will not damage your property when towing your junk car away.  Your car must be accessible to our tow truck when we come to pick it up so please be sure to move everything away from the vehicle in order to help us help you.

When your yard in delta is becoming a junk yard, we can help clear that up.  We will junk your junk car and keep your delta yard clean and clear.  Remember Junk Car Removal when you want junk Car Removal delta.

We are a family owned business that helps to remove junk junk cars from your yard in Delta.


If you belong in one of our Delta service areas and have a junk car that needs removal, please contact us today to book a pick up time for your junk car.  We can be contacted via phone at: 604-808-1646.